"One year ago I started my private practice as a psychologist here in San Diego.  As I put the pieces together for what needed to be done for a successful business, I ran into a wall called "insurance panels".  To become a registered 'behavioral health provider' was complicated - and then came the billing, which was even more complicated.  I thought I could master it.  Wrong!

I sought help from a colleague who recommended Doctors Billing Pros, a professional billing service for healthcare professionals, including psychologists.  I met over coffee with the Director, who is knowledgeable, experienced, personable and easy to talk with.  From that point on my stress about billing disappeared, as DBP handled my billing with competence, reliability and results.  The inevitable glitches in billing and collections were resolved quickly by DBP.  They were quick to return my calls and emails, and I received excellent guidance about how to do my part in the billing process.  

Dealing with insurance companies and governmental agencies can be very challenging, but has been made so much easier because of the help of DBP.  My practice has since begun to grow and I feel confident in the area of billing because of their help.  During the course of getting started I have had many questions and Doctors Billing Pros always provides helpful information that allows me to navigate the waters.  I would highly recommend DBP because of their friendly, prompt and effective professional assistance.  They truly are experts in this field.  Five stars!"     

- Jeffrey M. Leiphart, PhD, CA Licensed Psychologist

"Our collections have increased! Doctors Billing Pros is really easy to work with and they are great listeners. We've seen a big difference ever since we changed our billing service. Doctors Billing Pros gets all our claims processed and paid, even the difficult ones. Nothing is written off without reason and explanation. We have online access so we always know what is going on with our cases, and we can easily obtain reports and ledgers. We love it, love it, love it!" - Victoria, Dr. Copeland (Neurologist)

"I love your service. It is the best billing service I've ever had. I'm very happy! I give you 5 Stars!!!" - Dr. Ochabski (Ophthalmologist)

"I am very satisfied with your service and I would recommend with all my heart, to any physician, to use Doctor's Billing Pros' service.” - Dr. Benoni (OB/GYN)

"I can't tell you how happy I am that we chose DBP to handle our insurance. You are the best!" - N. Riley, CFO

“The level of service you provide is unequaled. Your attention to detail is remarkable. Anytime we have a question, you get the answer for us within 24 hours. It’s amazing to me how fast we get paid. You really know how to get the insurance companies to pay our claims when they throw up roadblocks.” - Dr. Bodzin

"We tried to do the billing in our office, but found it made more sense to outsource. Since working with DBP, it's been great. Everything is running so smoothly now. We're very happy with the service!" - Dr. Shelby

Thank you for making this transition so easy. Thank you also for going above and beyond, and for being so thorough. You’ve resolved our unpaid Medicare claims, and we are receiving payments from other difficult payers as well. Your accessibility and quick response to our inquiries is outstanding. We just couldn’t be any happier!" 
- Dr. Onoda

"DBP has been a wealth of knowledge in matters of Worker's Comp., Personal Injury, and proper coding. It is a relief to know that matters outside of our office are being handled by only the best. I will continue to recommend DBP to anyone looking to make their lives easier and grow their practice." - Dr. Scheller