Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Expert Biller?

An expert biller should do the following:

  • Timely filing - Filing of claims as soon as possible after the date of service is essential to increase cash flow, and to meet insurance deadlines
  • Follow-up must be consistent and persistent. Insurance representatives are more likely to make corrections when they realize the billing expert has a thorough understanding of coding procedures
  • Commitment - A commitment to obtaining correct reimbursement for each and every code billed is one of the highest priorities. Dogged pursuit of collection for all services rendered by the provider is a key aspect of the level of professionalism of a superior billing and collection service

We guarantee your satisfaction!  We continually stay up to date with all the changes.  We aren't satisfied until you receive what you are entitled to!   

Why should I choose Doctors Billing Pros?

Outsourcing to DBP permits increased focus on patient care, and removes from the office the concerns related to collections.  DBP supports the good patient care you provide!  We give you the kind of service you would expect if we were your employees. We monitor every code to ensure it is paid, and paid correctly.  We will assist your office in keeping up to date with changes in insurance practices. We ensure correct reimbursement for services you provide. We make sure that no patient’s account is overlooked & no claim unaccounted for.  Have the satisfaction of knowing that when you call us, you will reach someone who is concerned and responsive to your needs. 

We offer FREE BILLING advice to everyone.  CALL US at 619-229-2124